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October 7, 2013
Political Outcast
Confronting the Political Establishment Since 1776
jerome-illinois Christian Students Forced to Pray to Allah, Study Quran, Pledge Allegiance to Afghan Flag
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  • Atheists Attack DeLand Florida City Seal and What Made the West Best If God didn't exist atheists wouldn't have jobs. A person has to wonder why atheists bother attacking people, places, and things that mention God when they assure us that He doesn't exist. They don't attack witches, sprites, nymphs, unicorns, Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny. If God is truly not there, as atheists insistently believe [...]
  • What Senator Obama (and Other Democrats) Said About Syria The "Hawks" have aligned and are ready for war but it wasn't this way when Obama was Senator Obama. All the administration heavy hitters have come out swinging. Throughout the halls of the White House and Congress there is a "Call to Action." Isn't it great that progressives always want â��action,â�� although it must be [...]
  • Germany Guilty of Terrorism? Last week, I shared with you the terrifying experience of Wunderlich family in Darmstadt, Germany. Early in the morning just as their four kids were starting their school lessons, twenty police and government agents armed with assault weapons and battering ram appeared at the family's home with a court order to take the kids by [...]
  • Abortion Trivialized And Advocated In A Video Game Do not ever be so naive as to believe that liberals want women simply to have the choice as to whether they carry a pregnancy to term or destroy the little rascal they allowed inside of them. They have a catchphrase that they apply to abortion to deceive people into believing they're more moderate than their support [...]
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