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Scott Walker, Wisconsin's Conservative Governor

Dear Conservative,

The nation's largest union just announced they will stop supporting D.C. Democrats. The reason why will surprise you.

The Wall Street Journal reports, "The AFL-CIO plans to devote the bulk of its political might [in 2014] to defeating Republican governors rather than steeling Democrats in Congress."

You heard that right. The unions are so scared of our success in Wisconsin that they're dropping their donations to Nancy Pelosi and congressional liberals to focus on defeating my re-election campaign in 2014.

After surviving a union-led recall campaign last year, I'm taking nothing for granted. I need your support to stand up to the union bosses and to continue to deliver the type of groundbreaking conservative reforms that America desperately needs.

Unions Throw Everything in Me. Stand with Me.

The Chicago-style campaign against me has been ceaseless, with union protestors even showing up at my home.

The nation's largest union plans to spend at least $53 million to defeat me and other conservative governors. They're so confident because President Obama won Wisconsin twice, and they successfully recruited a liberal millionaire to run against me.

But look at what I accomplished in four years:

  • Reigned in big government union bosses
  • Closed a $3.6 billion deficit
  • Cut property taxes by $100 million
  • Delivered a conservative alternative to Obamacare

I put taxpayers back in charge and reformed government. That's why I beat the recall, and that's why Wisconsin voters respect what we've accomplished.

If the avalanche of money that liberal labor unions are spending is successful, they will repeal all of this. We cannot let the unions undue these reforms. Our accomplishments are a national success story.

Protect the National Success Story. Stand with Me.

Tell the unions that you don't want another tax-and-spend liberal at the reins of power in Wisconsin. You can do this by contributing $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford by clicking here.

Too often, politicians make big campaign promises, but don’t deliver because the issues become controversial. I have been a man of my word to the voters of this state.

Thank you for standing with me.


Scott Walker
Governor of Wisconsin

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